Review from PopMatters
"The Pen and the Letter, is an apt example of what should have sprung forth from the late '90s hardcore scene" [Read More...]
Review: HIJK - The Pen And The Letter
The real skill is that this Californian trio experiment with song structure, throwing the listener yet another curveball just when they think they have understood the melodic path of the song [Read More...]
Powerpopaholic thinks we're different
Loud Family meets U2 by way of the New Pornographers
HIJK: Unkonventionell, catchy und zutiefst Indiepop...
English translation...

"First I had to think about for a little bit what's with the name. I tried to add vowels to get to different words although the solution was simple. Looking at the cover of the newly released debut album of HIJK would have saved me a lot of brain work. No brain work required when listening to the music though, this dynamic and great kind of pop music goes straight to your legs and heart, which is what Indie Pop is supposed to do."
Hijk: The Pen And The Letter - Indie Music Review
HIJK makes a uniquely addictive indie pop-like sound with their debut album: The Pen and The Letter. [Read More...]
New Bay Bridged Podcast!
Listen to our new podcast with Christian & Ben of The Bay Bridged!
Review! - Albondigas
HIJK (formerly Hijack the Disco) has a lot going for them. Not only do they play irresistibly clean, wonderfully bright sounding indie pop (they prefer "art-pop"), but they also have the kind of drive and presentation that can take a band dangerously far into the territory of rockstardom. [Read More...]
Review! - West Coast Performer
If one had to pigeonhole the up-and-coming Oakland trio HIJK (formerly known as Hijack the Disco) into a genre, math rock would come to mind; but the group delves into so many other artsy realms that it's truly impossible to limit them to just one. [Read More...]
The Bay Bridged - reviews us @ Mission Creek
There's a lot to love about HIJK, but you should probably just go to one of their shows. Not only are Mike, Dave and Trevor nice dudes and snappy dressers, they are also 110% into making unabashedly shiny, emotionally driven pop music. When I first laid hands on their self-titled EP, my feeling was they were like a low-key Jimmy Eat World with a touch of the Promise Ring. They just came off a tour with Love is Chemicals, so their set was game tight. Their new album is out real soon. [Read More...]
Portland Mercury
Mmm-mmm, this show tastes GOOD!... HIJK's clever lyrics, funky basslines, and tight drumming make for a strong headliner.
Amplifier Magazine Reviews "S/T" EP...
Right from the start of their latest EP (they have two others plus a split EP under their belt), newly-renamed HIJK - formerly Hijack the Disco - present fairly spare and mellow, yet driving, indie-rock. [Read More...]
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